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Carpet Cleaning Portland OR

Carpet & Rugs

Alameda does exceptional work for all types and fibers of carpet and rugs. We can remove stains and protect the durability and fabric color all at the same time. We can even do you a cleaning demo!
Carpet Cleaning Portland Oregon

Wood & Marble

With decades of experience, Alameda's professionals can revive floors back to like-new condition. Using top of the line natural products and sanding machines to bring out the best of your floor.
Carpet Cleaning In Portland

Cushions & Air Ducts

To fully complete a room or office, we do not just stop at carpets. To enhance our services, we offer full line upholstery and air-duct cleaning to enhance the freshness and a complete cleaner look.

Highly Rated For Commercial & Residential Cleaning - Best Service Guaranteed!

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About Us

Looking For A Good Cleaner?

Services Done Right

If you are in Portland Oregon or surrounding areas and are looking for a good service company. Look no further than our family owned and locally operated company. Alameda has been setting the bar for over decades, come see our professionals do wonders and soon you will see why we are rated #1 for the entire area. If you are unsure about a specific material, feel free to ask our expert professionals.

Customers Come First

Being the best offers residential and commercial owners the best services. We go above and beyond using the best solvent ingredients and cleaning machines to help our friendly professionals get the job done right. One you have conveniently set your appointment, our punctual team arrives and finishes the service without upcharging or upselling a customer. Our customers come first - You'll See.

What Seperates Us From The Rest

Giving You A Guaranteed Better Clean Than Anyone Else!

OnSite Fabricare

Goodluck finding someone with this certification. We guarantee against material shrinkage and damage to all kinds of fabric-based window coverings.

CFS Specialist

We go above the competition by being a Certified Fabricare Specialist. This guarantees the best on-site clean for any hanging high end window convering.


Recongnized worldwide as the best protection for all fabric types! No other product or company comes close. See for yourself on the MicroSeal comparision. One reason why we are #1 in Portland for the perfect clean!

Green Earth Cleaning Patent

Taking cleaning to a whole new level. Using Eco-friendly silicon cleaning forumulas, our cleaning becomes unmatched. Colors don't fade, whites stay prestine and the fabric becomes like-new and supple again.

We Service The City Of Portland, Oregon For A Reason!


Portland, Oregon the largest city in the state and known for its bridges, parks, thriving art and music scenes. We service this beautiful city because of the people and our heritage here. If you are not satisfied with any of our service lines, we will come back and do it again no questions asked or upsell. Our foundation pillars are dependable, trustworthy and integrity and our staff and technicians will prove that we are the best by showing you the best.

Company Mission & Supporters

To educate our community on how to take the absolute best care of their carpeting, rugs, and fine fabrics. We have committed ourselves to the highest level of integrity, education, customer service, and cleaning procedures. These elements together ensure that you will experience a lasting enjoyment of clean, healthy carpets and fabrics.

Our Reputation is second to none. Some of the most seasoned carpet professionals, interior designers, and realtors refer our services exclusively. They put their names on the line each time they refer. That is because Alameda takes cleaning to the next level by being on the forefront of many prestigious certifications. Put us to the test, our famous Portland cleaning will make you a believer - period!