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Committed to excellence
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Committed to excellence
Committed to excellence
Committed to excellence
Committed to excellence
Committed to excellence

MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection

All services are expertly performed by trained, experienced professionals. All work is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee but you'll never need it.

Premium Fabric Protection Service

MicroSeal Protection

From fine silkscreen and other delicate wall fabrics, to rich wools and various blend carpeting, to Haitian cotton, suede and other fine upholstered furnishings, MicroSeal has rapidly become accepted as the finest commercial and residential textile protection available today.

Drapery Cleaning


MicroSeal prevents permanent staining, but not soiling. With most manufacturers recommending professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months, we offer a 15% discount on cleaning of all MicroSeal treated textiles!

Includes the NO STAIN GUARANTEE. If you get a spot that you cannot remove, we will gladly come out at no charge and remove it for you! A $125 service call for FREE!

MicroSeal Benefits Include:

• Penetrates Fabric - Lasts for Many Years and Multiple Cleanings
• Non-toxic and Non-allergenic
• Protects Against Permanent Stain and Soiling
• No Fluorochemicals, California VOC compliant
• Flame and Fire Reduction
• Smoke Density Reduction
• Nanotechnology, will not Change Texture
or Color of any textile
• Permanent Sun Fade Resistance
• Protects Against Mildew
• Protects Against Static Electricity
• Reduces Wear to Fabric

These Benefits Result In:

• Reduction in Operational Maintenance Costs
• Prolonged life of the Fabrics
• Fabrics Keep Their Appearance at
Optimum Level


• DOES NOT penetrate, but coats material
• DOES NOT protect against: sun fade, mildew, fire and smoke (toxic when burned)
• DOES NOT protect against "yellowing" light
colored fabrics over time or when sprayed

MicroSeal meets the stringent testing standards of The WoolSafe Organization and is environmentally friendly.

Woolsafe Approved

MicroSeal has been tested and proven by independent laboratories and users.
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Committed to excellence Committed to excellence